Storytelling Tips

We want to hear your story! Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Find an event and theme: Check out our future events. The theme is central to each event, so take a look at the theme and think about what kind of story you have that relates to it. Get creative! You can take the theme very literally, or you can find your own interpretation!
  2. Craft your story: Find a true story from your own life to tell. Remember to tell a story – stand-up routines, essays, and rants should be reserved for an event other than Untitled.
  3. Practice your story: Good stories have a clear structure with a beginning, middle, and end. Good storytellers have a clear opening line and a clear closing line in mind before they start. Practice your story, practice your opening line, practice your closing line.
  4. Practice some more: Know your story well enough that you can tell it off the cuff without any notes on stage. Remember, we’re asking you to keep your story between five and eight minutes – that time will go by much faster than you think!
  5. Don’t memorize: Part of what makes storytelling great is that storytellers can play off of their audience. Practice your story, but don’t memorize it.
  6. Throw your notes away: Notes aren’t allowed on stage at Untitled so that storytellers and audience members can best connect.
  7. Sign up: Email us to ask about being a featured storyteller, or come to the event to enter the audience sign-up drawing.

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