“Break” Photos Online, New Themes Announced


Last week at Untitled, we heard five stories about different kinds of breaks. Breakthroughs, break-ups, water breaking, broken marriages, car brakes breaking, a broken window, broken mementos… Storytellers really showed their creativity this month! Check out pictures on the Facebook page.

We have more monthly events coming up; check out the newly announced themes below:

Future Events:
Thursday, September 12th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Coincidences.
Thursday, October 10th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Lost.
Thursday, November 14th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Ungrateful.
Thursday, December 12th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Fans’ Choice – Stay tuned for voting information!

Voting for the December theme will be up on this site – check back soon!