November’s “Ungrateful” Event, “Lost” Photos


Check out photos from last month’s “Lost” event on Facebook if you haven’t already.

We all know that this is a time of year to be grateful and to give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with. But at the same time, we’ve all had an “Ungrateful” experience. Whether it was you, a family member, another loved one, a friend, a stranger, there’s a lot to say about those who are ungrateful. Join us this Thursday, November 14th at 8 PM at The MakeSpace for “Ungrateful” stories. RSVP on Facebook if you’ll be there for this month’s Untitled event.

One final note, we’ve announced the winning theme for December’s event! Join us on December 12th for stories of “Dreams.”

Future Events:
Thursday, November 14th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Ungrateful.
Thursday, December 12th. 8 PM. The MakeSpace. Theme: Dreams